Gym Membership

It’s your time at My Time Fitness!

For your convenience, download and fill out the contract prior to coming to the gym.  You are also able to fill out your contract at the gym.

Email us a copy if you choose to fill out your contract online.  Send to


  1. All members are required to use their key each time to enter the gym. If the door is open, swipe the key pad with the key
  2. All members must use the “Members” door to enter and exit the gym. Non-members must use the front door only
  3. Re-rack your weights when done
  4. Wipe down machines after each use
  5. Do not put shoes on the benches
  6. Do not slam the weights
  7. No children allowed on the gym floor
  8. No chalk
  9. No music with profanity
  10. Proper gym attire required
  11. No food on the gym floor
  12. Treat others as you would like to be treated


Members who provide entry into the gym to someone else, even if the person has a key, will be subject to a $250 FEE, payment of ALL of contractual dues and a cancellation of membership.

Every member must use their key when entering the gym through the member door or come through the main entry door.

Thank you,
The Management Team